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We Celebrate Tercentenary Birth of the Khalsa

The House of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Sahibhas presented to the world The Khalsa: The concept of the complete being, enlightened and aware, with no barriers of society i.e. caste barriors, equality for women. The khalsa is concentrated on the Eternal, Universal God (Shabad), devoid of physical stimulant and rejoicing in the spiritual bliss (anand) of the creator. In him merge the opposites of human nature: Bhakti and Shakti, Sant and Sipahi.

The development of the khalsa took 239 years, from sahib Guru Nanak Dev ji and Sahib Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. here we will try to understand the nature of this magnificent personality. The creation of this personality has in it all the reflectons of the universal and attachment to the one supreme of the world.

At the time of Guru nanak, society was divided & exploited . All the three aspects of humanity, Social, Political and Spiritual were corrupted by, division of society on caste, religious intolerence and malpractice. Suppression of women to mention some evils. Sahib, from an early age came out openly against all these. He refused to accept the janaeu (jnyau) as it divided society and was an instrument for creation of low and high castes. Guru perceived truth within and also represented it without in his actions. He spoke against the misrule and its reactions predicted and announced the coming of Babar to attack India. Social structure needed amedments and this was done, but not without first inspiring the spirit of the individual and also awakening in his followers the love for the lord's name Naam. The concept of Khalsa thus evolved the Pure and the worshiper of eternal light within.

In celebration of 300 years of khalsa various preperations are being done all around the world, especially at the holy city of Anandpur Sahib. Various camps will be organised for blood donations. Programs are being arranged for general awareness of the youth and steps are initiated that everyone must plant a tree, as a tribute to the sacrifices of the Great Guru's. as sikhism and khalsa is commited to work towards the improvement of the global environment.

Rangreta march on foot from Gurudwara Rakabganj Sahib, Delhi at 8 A.M to Anandpur Sahib from 28th March, 1999 to 7th April, 1999 was completed as a tribute to the spirit of khalsa.

Waheguruji Ka Khalsa, Waheguruji ki Fateh !